The Heather and Thistle Society

Ceud Mille Failte!

One Hundred Thousand Welcomes

This ancient Gaelic greeting is a timeless expression of Scottish hospitality and goodwill and there is no better way to welcome you to the Heather and Thistle Society of Houston, Texas, USA.

The Heather and Thistle Society was founded in 1953 by Scots living in Houston who wished to "cultivate an interest in Scotland” in their new homeland while providing fellowship and social contact. More than a half-century later, Heather and Thistle is still promoting friendships and inspiring interest in Scottish culture and heritage.

Sadly, after sixty years, it has become necessary to dissolve the Heather and Thistle society under its current constitution.

A very successful part of the Heather and Thistle society has been the Robert Burns Club. This group meets regularly to celebrate the life, times and verse of Scotland's premier poet.

Robert Burns World Federation Ltd.,
Number 1045

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